Part 5: Production Books and Sharing Schedules (8:19)

This is Part 5 of our Video DYI Training Series.  This will introduce the Production Book Screen (previously the Filters Screen), as well as introduce the ways you can share information from Propared, create Schedules.



If the Timeline is where we go to enter and organize all our information, the Filters screen is where we will build the schedules and calendars that we will reference internally as well as distribute to everyone else including your cast, crew, designers, upper management, vendors, etc.

Let’s take a look at one now.

You’ll notice that you already have a couple of Filters here waiting for you. When we created our Project in the Projects screen, Propared automatically created a Filter comprised of the entirety of the Timeline for the Lion Queen.  Any tasks you put in that project’s timeline will show up here.

You will see that the name of the Lion Queen’s Filter is a hyperlink that will open a new tab in your browser displaying the calendar.

Note that we are no longer in Propared so no login is necessary to access the page. The link for this web page can be shared with anyone you want and this is exactly what they will see. When you make updates in the Timeline screen they will automatically show here when this page is refreshed. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see the second link that Propared creates which lets you subscribe to this schedule in personal calendar programs like Google, Outlook, and Apple.

Back in Propared, let’s take a deeper look at this Filter. We’ll select the Filter by clicking on the row, not the hyperlink.

The first section is called “Filter Info”. The name of the Filter will be the title that appears at the top of the webpage. The description will only appear over here in the main content area.

Next we have the “Filter Settings” section. This section establishes which Tasks from your Timelines will show up in your schedule or calendar. For the “Lion Queen - Full Schedule” you’ll see that we’ve selected the Project “Lion Queen”. This tells Propared to include all Tasks from the Lion Queen Timeline.

Below that, you’ll see the “Publish and Share” section. This is where you can see the links that Propared created as well as decide what you want your webpage to look like. The main option is to choose between Calendar and List Layout.

Let’s now change the Lion Queen - Full Schedule from Calendar to List by editing the Filter using the pencil icon and clicking on “List”.

Now let’s go back to our open Full Schedule webpage and refresh. e’viola!

However we don’t always want to share everything with everyone. We can also create schedules that are subsets of a Timeline like a performance schedule, tech schedule, load in schedule, etc.

Let’s create a rehearsal schedule for Lion Queen. We start by clicking the green “New Filter” button. Then let’s give it a name. “Lion Queen - Rehearsal Schedule”. Then we define the Filter Settings. First, we select our desired project. Now, if you recall, in the Timeline, we tagged all of our rehearsals with the category “Rehearsal”. If we add that tag here, Propared will only display Tasks tagged with “Rehearsal”.

Notice that you can add any other details that you want to filter this schedule including locations, Team Members, and Departments. Since we want all rehearsals regardless of who is there or where it’s happening, we’ll leave the rest of these fields blank.

Below that, you can also constrain by date ranges which are great for creating daily or weekly schedules.

Down here, if you want, you can uncheck Team or Notes to hide them in your schedule. Just hit save.

Back in Propared, we’re going to create one more Filter together: a Company Calendar.

For this calendar, we’ll want to see Tasks from ALL of our projects, not just one. Let’s create a new filter and name it “Company Calendar”. Now, in the Project field, click into it and select “All Projects”. Then, clear out the rehearsal tag that you previously used and Save!

Now let’s look at it. You’ll now see a project key with all your projects color-coded as your established back in the Projects Screen. The calendar includes Tasks from Lion Queen and Stinky Boots along with any other Projects you create in the future.

Using the “All Projects” tag you can create many different schedules and calendars including venue schedules, individual schedules for your colleagues, department schedules, and daily or weekly schedules for the whole organization.

Now it’s time to look at one more layout option. Back in the Publish and Share section you’ll see a set of options called “Group By”. This lets you further subdivide your calendar or schedule by either Location or Project. Let’s group by Location and see what that looks like.

You’ll see that now each week is subdivided by all the available locations and Tasks are sorted accordingly.

From the Filter Screen you can also email schedules by selecting a Filter and clicking on the Email button. You’ll see a popup window where you can type names of people you want to send the schedule to and enter a personal message which will appear at the top of the email. When you send this email, it includes both links (the webpage and the calendar subscription feed) as well as the entire schedule embedded right into the body of the email. Plus, if you’re sending the same schedule out again, you can auto highlight changes between the last time you sent it and this time. Feel free to send yourself a test!

Finally, on the right you’ll see buttons for Cloning Filters and Downloading Filters to .CSV files for viewing in spreadsheets."

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