Part 1: Introduction and Home Screen Training Video (2:37)

This is Part 1 of our Video DYI Training Series.  This will introduce the Home Screen, as well as introduce the training series.


Propared DIY Training Part 1: Intro



"Welcome to the Propared “Do-it-yourself” training series. In this series of videos you’re going to get up and running with Propared.

For the sake of these videos we’re going to assume that you have an account set up and are able to sign in. If you don’t, head over to and book a meeting with us.

The best way to use these videos is to follow along in your own account, pause as you go, and create some content along with us. You can always go back and delete things later.

For our example here we’re working at a theatre company called the Helleuey Theatre that produces their own work and has a venue they work out of. If this doesn’t match your exact work environment, don’t sweat it. This will still work if you’re at a performing arts center, university arts program, a house of worship, or any other live event organization. You can either follow along exactly or put some stuff in more appropriate for you.

Ultimately, how you use Propared may be different from the examples you’ll see here. Keep in mind, there’s no one right way to use Propared. Once you see how Propared works through these videos, you’ll be able to start making decisions about your own workflow. For now, as you are getting familiarized with where things are, there are no wrong decisions so let’s jump right in!

After you sign in you are automatically taken to the home screen.  If you navigate away from this screen and want to get back, you can always find it by clicking on the Propared logo icon in the upper left corner.

At the very top you’ll see some icons. This is the main navigation that will take you to the screens you’ll be using 99% of the time. After you create your first project a few more icons will appear.

At the top left you will see a list of Recently Edited shows.  This is a punch list of projects/shows that have recently been worked on.  If you click on one of the names you’ll be taken to the Timeline of that project. Initially this will be blank until you create your first project.

Below that is the ‘My Schedule’ section.  Because everyone has their own login, this section will show you anything that you specifically have been assigned to across all of your projects.  Initially this will also be blank until some information has been input in the system.

The section on the right is just informational regarding what you have access to.

Every time you refresh this page it will update if new information has been entered."


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